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Between The Irony

by Spring and Youth

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Kidd Prelude 01:07
No lyrics
Two Orangeez 03:47
roll over, sit seek for food watch me eat diamond’s not fit yes you can never quit you love to rape yourself and I give you unselfish help leash in my hand roll over pretend you’re dead glimpse through a dark cloud, relief that wants to come out dreary silence repeat the beat throughout world, change the time be myself all your life moaning and cries will improve you disguise you love, fear, respect and the pain you neglect so, it’s a fact I’ll lust you until death humiliation the word that you must perceive you’ll get your ration just spread and I shall proceed sweet vengeance, silver blade splitting hairs for my mischief blood spilled on my demands covered for eternity
Heavy 08:33
midday of the night and cry for help followed the crying salivating for absent dear and lost something that was there to be thrown away cleaning what was not to be eight seconds later the head after accidental mistake grown slightly larger what’s your poison that redefines you as a four legged bird walking on your wings, claws in the air, glue on your breast didn’t give you away its not all about the age predisposition to be in position to be carried away and not just picked up by a crying man you wanted to poison aiming is a skill when you don’t mind leaving gender to live through the ultimate insult something that you can’t understand sleeping where you should not be three hours later I said wake up its kinda getting late I have to go what’s your poison that redefines you as a four legged bird walking on your wings, claws in the air, glue on your breast didn’t give you away its not all about the age predisposition to be in position to be carried away and not just picked up by a crying man you wanted to poison with whatever is your poison Flying is not an option evolution stopped you now your just a, vegetable the only things you use the only things you like are the ones, that are, unusable cannibalism is cool but your skin's a bit too thick I would love you, doesn't matter, that your bones, don't have holes then again I have said I don’t like your bone structure maybe if you, were a child and I was a little older child with my glasses, and a beard, on your shoulder troubleshooting is so easy if you just try, to be mine, I will even, like you better heavy
Feetless 08:15
harder is not rationalizing, though you’ve seen all the possible scenarios no place for one more new it’s the fact no one missed since that man next door let you sit on his porch and left the window open that’s how you knew what to do climbing roofs gave a hint or two soundless cry came through your eyes half of which I can call mine you can only feel what you cannot reveal but not enough to breathe in pictures sinusoidal life they seem to want to keep my blisters real reaching implodes touch back through the wire dancing without feet king of the the dance floor dancing without feet hugging the dance floor harder is not rationalizing since you’ve seen all impossible scenarios featuring your shredded right love wanted more than forced selfishness with one gentle soft caress through a radiating glass felt cold, but only for a moment
Muriatic 05:40
stretching the thin adipose skin orange white soft and compact intact jellified meat hidden beneath no one with caress and feel to touch and reveal sweetness real absence of sin within adipose skin sweaty and thin repelling sunshine can penetrate through the crate make believe that you can live outside escaping the hide leaving behind falling down waves from the shake endlessly quake from every step that you make mistake parting from crate walking the glare shame despair sleep with soft skinny touch the eat with your wet greasy life pretty much better taste with the salt sweet and hot loves you not baked heart digested to survive that sublime acid touch muriatic heart recycled from corroded pieces convened in feces beating from time to time buried secretly under solid fat hidden from the evil feelings that saying that it is beautiful sleeping is why I am hearing the pictures I’m trying to blame on my conscience is full and the failure is making the feeling of realness is gone Gradual waking from faintness that covers The image of my execution unusual is fact that I have a conclusion I whisper it through my eyes
imaginary but formally real thinking time is arbitrary new stairway at the post office it has no stairs as fast as possible wheels cannot fly they are slow in your hands not cheating is a virtue but my arms are strong your polaroid is getting old as fast as possible
Play 01:42
there is only one only one way to become there is only one only one cause to live for half a reason there is only one half a reason only one out of four growing needs a soil for experiment that will be shown one or two or three or four you will have to find your own once you have a decent show you cant wait for the rain to fall you must start with different chores to irrigate the planting hole first leg is reaching second arm is grabbing third arm is talking soon it will shut up fourth leg is reaching third arm is kissing second arm is wetting four and a half when the land gets fertile that is sign for you to hit ground products of your sweat and blood satisfying made you proud With a proper limb you start the sequence that is shown below you will find that planting seeds is greatest kind of human joy First leg is leaping fourth leg is leaping third arm's unzipping soon it will all pass second arm is pushing third arm is pulling second arm is wiping four and a half four again I’m now behind, the second that I planted out like cigarette I’m suckled off happy but sad it all has end Meaning of this is planting seeds but pleasure of work keeps sanity alive If nothing has grown from my little strive in minutes will I be four and a half four and a half again four and a half again


This is debut album of a band called Spring and Youth. Do hear it.


released July 19, 2012

Recorded and mixed in Digimedia recording studio in Belgrade in April 2012, by Goran Crevar. Published by Miner recordings in May 2013.
Video for Feetless youtu.be/Gy5-uVShcOY
Video for As Fast As Possible youtu.be/UNa3y6qkbIE


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Spring and Youth Београд, Serbia

Spring and Youth are:

Marko Stojanović is The Vocal
Filip Mladenović on The Guitar
Darko Đurić behind The Drums
Darko Varga at The Piano
Ivan Vasić with The Bass

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